Life in the Time of Corona - One Week Inside

Right now, I literally have nothing else to do.

Claire is sitting on the couch, reading a Warriors book. Ben is in the outside room, helping Dave set up his home office space. The cats are running around, as they often do around this time.

We've made it through one week of self-distancing. Tonight, it becomes shelter-in-place by order of the Governor. For us, I don't think that will mean very much will change.

Here's how things have been in this corner of Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City.

Dave's been working from home for nearly two weeks already. The kids have been home for one. We did a lot of enrichment activities this past week - online math games, codecademy, and other things. Art lessons on YouTube. Family walks. A karate class via Facebook and church by Zoom,

We've been finding our friends amid all this. Virtual space hangouts with the moms, with Girl Scouts, with family. We had a video chat dinner party with my sisters-in-law last night, and are planning a movie today.

Remote school starts tomorrow morning. We've been given a really clear plan for Claire. Ben's school is struggling, but we'll log on and hope for the best.

We're trying to stay as normal as we can. Ordering in food to support local businesses; cooking dinners. Lots of hugs and cookies. And worrying. So much worrying.  I know that this too, shall pass. But when? And what will be left when it does?


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