Life as we know it.

Another Sunday.

I learned a fundamental lesson about myself and B this week. He's going to take about an hour to finish his homework. No matter what - whether we needle and nag him, or whether we let him work independently. The difference is, if we're nagging, homework takes an hour PLUS whatever time is spent arguing and recovering. If we leave him alone, it's just the hour. Even if he doodles. Even if he spends 20 minutes in the bathroom. Or playing with Legos.

It's really hard to shift to this new hands off approach. He doesn't have a lot of homework, and if he were an NT kid, it  wouldn't take an hour. But this is who we are.

Changing the subject. I've started working out again. It happens that I found a trainer who has personal experience with knee injuries and has worked with clients who also have similar issues to the ones that I have. It's only been a few sessions so far, but to be able to walk away from the gym and not be in worse shape than when I walked in. 


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