Starting Over Again

Since the summer this is my third Chromebook. The first was a bit old, and the power connection went out...then the replacement was older. I'd stopped using that one, so it wasn't awesome.

This current iteration is one that D got as a freebie when he signed up for something. I'm trying it out for now, to see how I like the keyboard. Honestly, it's a little tappity-tap sounding but it will do.

We've been cleaning all weekend. Outwardly, it was because we were having the family over for B's birthday, but really it was a long, long time in coming. Things had gotten neglected, and grotty.

So everyone dug in and did their part, and the end result is a little less awful, and pretty darned awesome in a lot of places. The kitchen still needs a lot of purging, and we have a lot of stuff put aside in our room, but it feels really good. As if getting rid of the garbage let in metaphoric light as well as actual light.


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