I haven't a clue what happened

Hello Blogfriends!

Surely, you can't still be here, waiting for me to write?

(peeks sheepishly around the corner...)

Let's just say that the winter got away from me, and leave it like that, mkay?

Here's the thing - the winter did get away from me. I've been trapped in a sort of quasi fugue state. There's just. So. Much.

And my kids aren't getting any smaller.
Claire is weeks away from turning ten.
How the heck did that happen? Wasn't she just a screaming pink little bundle, scaring me half to death by her mere existence? Yet, there she stands, five feet tall and rising, warm brown eyes, keenly curious about the world around her.

Ben is still scrambling along. The road we've taken with him continues and there are bad days and good, but we're hoping that the good continues to outweigh the bad. He's like the girl in the nursery rhyme. "When (s)he was good, (s)he was very, very good, but when (s)he was bad, (s)he was horrid."

I have more to tell you, but let's just ease into this, shall we? The road is long, and the way is slow.

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