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We are a people who tell stories in one form or another.
After all isn't blogging just another way to gather around and tell those stories?

Motherhood is Painless is about finding the humor in the every day. In finding the happiness in those stories that we tell. What would happen if we *all* learned to laugh at ourselves? Maybe then the dark corners would recede a bit and we would all rejoice at the love we find there.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Short Takes

  • Husband is traveling again. Like every weekday for the last two weeks, and again next week.
  • The kids and I are muddling along. There are rough patches, ugly behavior from all of us. As a result my migraines are on the rise again. 
  • Also my consumption of crappy food. And snacks before bed. 
  • Yes, I know there is a correlation between the bad eating and the headaches. 
  • There are golden moments too.
  • The kids are super excited about Halloween. Claire is dressing as Hermione Granger, Ben as Kylo Ren. I am going as a Ghostbuster, maybe. Dave, if he is here, is going as Han Solo. 
  • I might just stick with this short format for a while, until I can figure out something longer to write.

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Sapana V said...

It is not pleasant to hear that. Don't take so much stress. Indulge yourself in your hobbies. You will get relief.