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We are a people who tell stories in one form or another.
After all isn't blogging just another way to gather around and tell those stories?

Motherhood is Painless is about finding the humor in the every day. In finding the happiness in those stories that we tell. What would happen if we *all* learned to laugh at ourselves? Maybe then the dark corners would recede a bit and we would all rejoice at the love we find there.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Loss for Words

For years, I've told people the same thing "I'm a writer." when they asked what I did. "I have a blog" I'd say, sharing this name with them.

But the fact of the matter is, I haven't written here in months. I've opened up new posts, stared blankly at them and shut them again. I've written an introduction and saved it as a draft a handful of times too, but the last published post was at the end of May. The whole summer, and a hefty chunk of the autumn has passed with nary a word from the likes of me.

The past two years, I went to a fantastic blogging conference, learned a ton, made fantastic friends, and owned my blogging mojo. This year, I'm not going. I'll miss it, but I'm slowly realizing that unless I were making money at this, or any online pursuits, it's not worth the expense to attend.

So what?
Am I a blogger anymore?
When I stare into the void what do I want to stare back at me?

I wish I knew what I was supposed to do next.


Anonymous said...

make a sammich.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a writer. I mourned when I realized I wasn't writing anymore. Recently, I found a new passion, teaching. And guess what? I started writing again. Sometimes when you look for something else in the world, you find yourself right back where you started, just with more depth.

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Sapana V said...

You are not alone. Every writer faces this issue. You just need to read more to get more ideas.

Sapana V said...

You are not alone. Every writer faces this issue. You just need to read more to get more ideas.