A Loss for Words

For years, I've told people the same thing "I'm a writer." when they asked what I did. "I have a blog" I'd say, sharing this name with them.

But the fact of the matter is, I haven't written here in months. I've opened up new posts, stared blankly at them and shut them again. I've written an introduction and saved it as a draft a handful of times too, but the last published post was at the end of May. The whole summer, and a hefty chunk of the autumn has passed with nary a word from the likes of me.

The past two years, I went to a fantastic blogging conference, learned a ton, made fantastic friends, and owned my blogging mojo. This year, I'm not going. I'll miss it, but I'm slowly realizing that unless I were making money at this, or any online pursuits, it's not worth the expense to attend.

So what?
Am I a blogger anymore?
When I stare into the void what do I want to stare back at me?

I wish I knew what I was supposed to do next.


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