I went away.

I went away to learn, to reconnect with friends and to figure out why I keep at this, even as intermittently as I do.

It was an amazing five days. I felt wonderful as I stepped out of my regular role as Mommy-in-Chief and acted like a 100-percent adult for a few days. I didn't raise my voice in anger or frustration; didn't have to supervise homework or bath time: and I ate what I wanted. (I did eat my veggies, mom...) 

I sat in wonderful sessions; took notes; enjoyed meaningful conversations about politics; about writing; and everything in between. I went to parties and acted silly. I nourished myself at the well, as everyone should get to do once in a while.

And now I am home again. I had to yell this morning and supervise homework, as it happens, but I have this warm place in my heart right now. I have a mission, and I think I found something to say.

I know I don't post often, nor do I do it regularly. I struggle with that, constantly. Is it worthwhile to add content here just to keep at it? Or should I wait until I have a story? It's confusing, because on the one hand, we're supposed to be searching for the key to making blogging profitable; but on the other hand; we're supposed to be generating story moments and being our genuine selves. How do I do both?

Or is it that you write the stories from your heart, and bear your genuine self to the world, and eventually, you will profit from it?

Even better, will we learn that there are more than one sort of way to profit from this?


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