Not all who wander...

It's high summer.
The middle of July, when the streets of New York City reek with smells I can't even begin to name.
I walk down the street, my clothes sticking to me and counting the steps until I am inside in the AC again - drinking something cool and fresh.

There is nothing else - the kids vacillate wildly between an almost cloying closeness and dire hatred of one another. I am separating them either way, and I'm tired of it. #STOPTOUCHINGEACHOTHER.

Dave is traveling - more than ever. He has trips slotted for the next three weeks straight. We're trying to schedule a summer trip between the work trips and literally, the only way to make that happen is to travel with him and fly solo for a few days while he works THEN take the rest of the vacation together. So, if anyone has some solid family entertainment lined up in NoCal, let me know.

I made plans for myself - a concert and a one-day conference. I'm taking pains to take care of myself, but I feel like I am wandering again, and not in the good way. I need a focus.

In the meantime, I'm shuttling the kids - day camp, orthodontist, playdates, swimming lessons and OT. Lordy, I am tired.


Andrea said…
I cannot wait to see you. I'm sorry you're wandering, but I'm here to help anchor you if you need an ear.

Maybe we can shoot for dinner on Saturday night? xo

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