A Promise - Or a List.

Last time, I told myself that I wasn't going to sit and let this space linger. Even if I think I have nothig to say.

Especially if I think I have nothing to say. It has to be better than letting these little feelings build up inside me until I'm full to bursting.

So here is a summary of what's on my plate these days:

  • My knee is troubled - I've been seeing an orthopedic specializing in non-surgical treatment and have spent most of the last two months in a brace. It's big and clunky and doesn't fit under my clothes. But, it makes me feel so much better than I did before, that I don't care. And while I might not be jogging or wearing heels again any time soon, being able to make it to school and home again with out stumbling is like a miracle. 
  • Ben is full of So! Much! Energy! these days - it's like spring came and wound him up like a rocket. He's moving, moving, moving. We've had talks with him, with his teacher and with the school guidance counselor. It's a struggle, but there are things we've yet to do. We start the beginning of that process on Friday. Dave's struggled with ADD all his life, and I'm beginning to suspect the same of Ben. 
  • Claire has had a low-grade stomach bug for most of the last week. It's so frustrating - her GI is all wonky, but she feels mostly OK. So she's home and full of energy, and driving me bananas. 
  • We have two camping trips lined up for the spring/summer already. One over Memorial Day weekend, the next over the weekend after the end of school. 
And that is all I've got. 
I will be doing some reviews lately - not because I have to - but because I like the products. (Something new! Sort of exciting!)


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