Fresh With No Mistakes, or How I Challenged Myself with the #typeachallenge

I've done the first month of #typeachallenge assignments.

You can see one of them above - write a mission statement for your blog. Harder than you'd think, really. But, it dovetails so nicely with the other two assignments for the month that it came to me fairly easily.

First, I had to think of something I wanted to focus on for the coming year. Ever since I started on this Type-A journey last summer, I've wanted to get more people to read these words. At the exact same time, I've wanted to write more deeply from my heart.

I had to create a blogging calendar for the coming year. I sat with that for a while and decided that I would chose 12 appropriate themes, one per month and write on those subjects.

Appropriately, the theme I chose for January is New Beginnings.
I like the way this feels, like Anne Shirley said "Isn't it nice to know that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

Not that I think the past blogging I've done has been riddled with problems, but I think this challenge will help direct me a lot more, and make me stronger as a writer by the end.

I hope so.


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