A Seat At the Table

I remember it well.

It was late 1993, and I was a senior in college. My boyfriend at the time, an engineering student, had an email account. I remember that he let me use it from time to time to write to friends at other schools.

Not too long afterwards, I had my own account and needed it for classes, but in my spare time, I started. Dipping my toes into the newly-born Internet.

I found bulletin boards, like-minded explorers trying things on for size.
Later on, I found friends, started a blog at LiveJournal and made more friends. It was fun.

Eventually, I moved to a traditional blog - this one. I've been here for a while and I love it. I love the way it feels when the words come flying out of my fingers. It's liberating, in a way that nothing else can bring me.

Last month, I went to a blogging conference, my second. Unlike the first time, I walked away full. Full of ideas. Full of hope. Full of confidence. I remember, at some point, talking to one of my friends saying something about how I'm not a "big blogger." She turned to me. "You have to stop saying that."

Perhaps I am a small blogger, but writing here feels good. It's what my soul needs some times.

I'm going back to Type-A next year. I bought my ticket yesterday, I found a roommate. And, we're going to be Awesome.


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