I need to start processing it. I walked away full to the brim. I gained more than I ever hoped that I would.

I made connections - I learned about myself, my sense of self as a writer. I found confidence.

Most important, I found my people. The tribe of women who understood me, laughed with me, and will hold me up when I need it. They are there, and they are a powerful force.

I'm already counting the days until next year.

The view from the 26th Floor. 

There was some photo silliness with @ThePJMama


Sarah (aka Mom) said…
I am SOOOO glad I met you! I hope to see you soon!
Anonymous said…
I feel the same way! Can't wait to see you again.
Anonymous said…
"Most important, I found my people. The tribe of women..." Powerful statements, Diane!
NerdMom said…
I totally get you! I always learn stuff at Type A but the biggest draw is that they are my people!

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