Summer Is Coming

It's like those darned Game of Thrones people, but a lot more fun.

Summer is coming. We have had our first camping trip. A wild success that. We had free-range kids and it was glorious. They found a herd of buddies and some *other* family had hung a swing. Claire and Ben and their cousins, checked in regularly, were never out of earshot, and sent back emissaries for water and snacks. The adults, for their part made sure that we didn't have any beer or Mike's to bring back to the city and kept the campfire burning.

The campers of "Camp Camperscout"
The end of the school year is here. School days are short - and filled with extra activities. Field trips, special shows, carnivals and moving up ceremonies. The kids have done well in school this year, and I'm so very proud of them.

Summer stands in front of us - bold and hot. Full of promise and adventure. Of day camp, and camping. Lazy days and busy weekends. I can't wait for a moment more. And yet, sitting here, listening to the evening birds calling across the buildings, feeling the evening breeze through the window, I feel the moment of now settling perfectly around me.


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