Deep Thoughts

I had a whole post written out. Was all set to hit publish and a weird wi-fi hiccup happened, and now it's lost.

Suffice it to say, a little girl called me fat the other day. She's five, at the most, one of Claire's classmates in her music class. In that high-pitched little girl voice, she asked me if I had a baby in my tummy.

Now maybe her mother hasn't taught her yet that it's not appropriate to ask if someone is expecting a baby. Or maybe she hasn't learned that making comments about other people's appearances is rude.

Either way, she said it, and I was taken aback. I mean, I am what I am, but
what bothered me more was that her mom didn't say anything to her. No immediate admonishment, no whisper about how such things might hurt someone's feelings. Maybe Mom didn't hear her, or was distracted by the toddler.

Still it's days later, and I'm still ruminating on it.

Then again, I had a different experience yesterday. We were walking to school and my friend and I were talking about our hair. As women tend to, we were complaining about it. (Too short, don't know how to style it, etc.)

This woman, stopped me, and basically said "Bitch, please, you have great hair..." Then she proceeded to tell me all the different things I might do to style it. Scrunch it with gel! Get a flatiron.

So, I guess the takeaway from this - I'm sort of fat, but I've got great hair.
Truth in advertising, I guess.


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