I can't think of an organized thing to tell you this week, but I can probably come up with a few smaller bits. 

  1. Despite my last post, the weather hasn't improved all that much. Sure, it was nice and sunny yesterday. But today, it's back to gray skies and chilly. I'd like to burn my winter coat. 
  2. Eating Paleo sucks in this sort of weather. I want warm carby food. Buttered noodles, toasted pita popcorn. But I will persevere. 
  3. Claire has been whining non-stop all morning. At her brother, her homework and now (dear lord save me) AT HER COLORING BOOK. I. Just. Can't
  4. The kids are starting swimming lessons today. Both are excited - and they get to go with a friend, which is extra awesome for me. The friend's mom is one of my bestest buddies on earth. Am so excited that I get to spend scheduled time with her EVERY WEEK from now until June! 
  5. I made the coffee too strong this morning, and took my anti-depressant. This is an unpleasant combination, to say the least. I'm on a razor's edge. My eyeballs feel twitchy and I have so much to do, I can't focus on any single task long enough to finish it. 


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