And so it goes

I'm sitting on my bed, a pile of laundry at my feet. (It's clean, but needs sorting and putting away.) I'm listening to my kids playing with their marble run in the living room

For the first time this week, I'm not anxious or depressed. I just Am. I've been fiddling with the doses of the supplements I take, and I realized that I'd been skipping one. Adding that back, plus getting a bit more sleep has definitely helped.

So here I am. Writing and surfing around, reading new blogs and wondering who else is out there.


Unknown said…
The thought of your laundry, compounded by the realization that I have four baskets to fold and put away is stressing me out just thinking about it.

Good thing I decided to skip it and just go the gym instead. I need more moments of zen like yours. Hope you're well!

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