The New Normal

For the last month, we've had a new routine around here.

Ben's school extended his class from 2 and a half hours to a full five. He's there all afternoon. It's fantastic for him - he was bouncing off the walls and needed way more than I could give him. I was also beginning to worry a bit about how well he would transition to full-day kindergarten in September.

However, his school stepped up and now he's got enough to keep him busy. At the same time, I was also feeling like I didn't get enough time with Claire.

Now I get both. She gets out of school at 2:30 and we come home, and I have a nice concentrated block of time with her. So far, we've done homework, and read books. But I don't think I realized what a pain it was for her to think with her brother around. He's just chaos incarnate these days. So, her work is improving.

We haven't had this kind of time together, she and I, since she was in PreK and Dave was working at home. I'd leave Ben napping and walk to her school to get her, we'd have a great time together until he woke up again.

And since Claire doesn't need help, but wants company - I am sitting here, next to her, working on this, while she talks her way through her math work.

It's nice.


Sounds pretty awesome :)

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