Pre-Menopausal Depressed Diane

I'm going to talk about some Special Lady-type business. Avert your eyes, if you must.

A few months back, I started feeling angry. Not angry at any one thing in particular, but angry all the time. Getting out of bed made me mad, getting the kids to school, angry. When I wasn't angry, I was sad, and tired and ashamed. I couldn't function well. The slightest thing set me off. Dave's work was relentless, and I was (and still am from time to time) bearing the brunt of the home side of the equation.

I went for my annual physical, and spoke to my doctor. I explained what was happening, and she made some suggestions. I tried supplements (calcium, St. John's Wort) exercise, diet. It helped, a little. I was still pretty down.

So, Dave and I talked about it, and I went for more help. Over the summer, I started talking to a therapist, and it helps. It takes the edge off - allows me someplace to vent when I need to, to cry on a shoulder if that's what I need. It is awesome. After a period of time - we realized that there is a pattern to my moods, and like so many other things, it's hormonal. As I'm getting older, (note - I'll be 42 in a couple of months) things are shifting, my cycles are less predictable, and things are occasionally out of whack. So, the therapist and I decided to give medication a try.

The change was immediate and amazing. After a brief bout of euphoria because I did feel so much better, the medication helped level out my moods, I don't get the spikes of anger or the depression that laid me flat. I'm better at being me, and that's good for every one

Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder


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