It seems a change is coming. I suddenly find myself getting ready for something new. Claire is in school all day now, and Ben will be joining her next fall.

I am looking for relevance. I left the workplace, six years ago when Claire was born. Dave and I decided that it was of  paramount importance that one of us be an at-home presence while our kids were young.

But those days are dwindling. And I am faced with a lot of change. A lot of time. How I choose to travel next is exciting and ferociously scary. I can't quite see what I'm supposed to become. But I have faith, after a fashion, that I will figure that bit out in due time.


HaciRichard said…
I'm totally serious here...have you read any Erma Bombeck? There is an essay I have to find for you. It's about rewarding yourself for a job well done, by going out to the world with no regrets.
But, is a major life change. Like graduating college...

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