Facebook Meme...things about me

A good friend tagged me with this meme, over on Facebook. So, here goes, nine things about me.

  1. I cry, a lot. Pretty much everything makes me cry - happy, sad, angry. It's my go-to for extreme emotion
  2. I'm terribly awkward. Oh I try, and I can get away with it, sometimes, but good god, am I awful at small talk.
  3. I love movies - whether on the TV at home, or in the theaters. Love them. Have terrible taste, and am never going to choose an art film over a major Hollywood blockbuster
  4. I haven't traveled much. Wish I had when I was younger, before the kids. 
  5. I wish I could sing. I mean, I can sing, but I wish I were better at it. Clearly, karaoke is in my future
  6. I don't like Nutella. 
  7. I'd rather be home, and taking care of my kids than doing just about any other job. 
  8. Yet, I miss working in an office. I miss chit-chat, and lunch with buddies
  9. I had to blog today, so here is a meme. 


Clove said…
You have good taste in films and TV
Clover said…
You have good taste in films/TV
Did someone say karaoke?

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