Days 7 & 8

I know - here I am failing at NaBloPoMo before a week has even gone by.

I am sort of crap.

I've been fighting off a cold, dealing with two sick kids. One has a turbo cough situation, the other is getting over strep. And a cold, and that sort of pale, peaky complexion that you get when it's a cold, grey Friday afternoon, and you're supposed to go to ballet, but you don't really want to.

So, we're home. One of us is in sweatpants, some are still in school clothes, and one of us stripped off her leggings because they weren't comfortable enough and is now wearing her favorite pink, yellow and red striped jammie pants and making soup.

I leave you to guess who that that character might be.

Not much planned for the weekend - Dave wants to go check out the special end-of-season sale at REI, tomorrow and his parents are coming to visit. Sunday, we've got nothing official planned but I would like to go to church.

And I have some work to do. Monday is Veteran's Day, which will will celebrate by talking to Grampa to thank him for his service, taking the girl to the pediatrician for a followup, after 10 days of amoxycillin and to hopefully get her flu shot. And who knows? Maybe we will bake some pumpkin muffins.


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