A resume. Sort of

(guess who forgot to post yesterday....)

Jobs I have held - both paid and unpaid.

1. Babysitter/mother's helper - I hated this one. I was a homebody of a kid. Sure I liked the promise of $30 at the end of the night, and a chance to watch cable TV. But the being in someone else's home, not really knowing where stuff was...hated. Then there was the home where the cat stalked me, and had the nerve (NERVE!) to camp out in front of the fridge and pantry, thus keeping me from the soda and pizza I'd been promised for dinner.

2. Volunteer, day camp - Ah yes, working at the beach. Loved that job, even though it was a volunteer gig. I worked at a BOCES project for kids and young adults with various disabilities. (They ranged from a group of elementary schoolers who were hearing impaired to a group of severely mentally challenged young adults, all of whom were wheelchair-bound.)

3. Library Page - The local library hired a bunch of teenagers to shelve books and keep the place tidy. I was responsible for Juvenile Non Fiction. Interestingly, I mostly learned that even the most mundane of us can seem exotic to the right audience. All of the other kids went to the same high school - by virtue of the vagaries of mapping in our town, I went to a different one. Thus, for the one and only time in my life, I was cool. 

4. Retail associate - I was about 17 when I worked at a small mall for a national chain of women's wear retailers. They specialized in career wardrobes at discount prices. I mostly manned the dressing room and unpacked and hangered (yes that was their word for it) new merch. The one or two times I was allowed near the sales floor, with customers, I botched it. Also, the cash register scared me.

5. There was another volunteer program I worked for, when I was unable to find a paying job. I was a class assistant, I think, that's what title, in a nursery school for kids with Down's Syndrome.

To be continued...


"Interestingly, I mostly learned that even the most mundane of us can seem exotic to the right audience." - Ha! Love it.

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