Happy birthday, Mushka

Ever since you were born, I've called you Mushka. You are my mushka man, or sometimes, even my mushk. I've recently discovered that it means "little fly" in both Russian and Polish, meaning someone little and cute, which you most certainly are.

But just this week, you turned four years old. Four, and starting to take the world by storm. Stubborn and sweet in equal parts. Clever. Friendly.

You came into this world with a smile, and for the most part, you've been smiling ever since. Unless you are mad or frustrated, when all bets are off. You growl, bare your teeth, and claw at the world. "YOU'RE MAKING ME CRY!" you sob. "YOU ARE NOT BEING NICE TO ME."

But you love your trucks, your new big-boy Legos, your sister, the cats and us. You love school, except when you don't. Your favorite foods are cereal, pasta, rice couscous and bagels, and egg salad. You hate chicken. You only like orange mac and cheese from the box. Your favorite toy of all is a battered and well-loved soft baby, named Blue Baby (although sometimes he's named Silas and sometimes he's named Nathan for the other boy cousins.)

At your birthday party today, when they gave you a crown and trophy to take home, you told me you were the "King of All Birthdays." Then, you refused to eat dinner and wanted hummus and pretzels at 7:45.

You are the sweetest boy ever, really. Happy birthday, BenBen

Shut the front door - someone is FOUR!

Brand new Ben


He has grown so much! Happy birthday Ben!
Anonymous said…
awww that photo is so sweet! And I love your new profile pix too ; )

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