It's not the heat....

Well, here we are, deep in the summertime. It's not been terribly hot yet, but the almighty freaking humidity is driving us all slowly insane.

The AC cuts through it, but just barely. You start to sweat as soon as you step from the shower, into the steamy bathroom. And, no matter how cool you set your shower, the bathroom gets steamy.

Nothing tastes particularly good, yet I find myself eating my feelings just the same. It's early in the season, but I feel like the dog days are here.

Oh, there is a couple of things that are less dog-day afternoon and more hazy crazy:

I took the kids to Victorian Gardens in Central Park, to celebrate the start of summer vacation. We loved it. 12 rides, none too scary for a small boy, and most exciting enough for my thrill-seeker of a daughter. We bought the all-day pass and worked it like nothing else. At some point I commented to one of the employees just how many rides we'd been on, and she boggled. (That is a post all of itself, I think)

We also made our first visit of the season to Splashdown Beach. My lovely sister-in-law and her family are traveling for the month, and offered us the keys to their home, so we had a place to crash. It was nice, mostly. Ben was fighting a cold, and was stubborner than usual, didn't sleep well, and generally made us miserable for a good long while. But, once we got to the water park, everyone turned around. Dave and Claire enjoyed the water-coaster type rides. Ben and I enjoyed the lazy river, and the kiddie splash pad area. I am glad to have an excuse to avoid those big rides - I'm afraid of heights!

This week has been quiet. Dave is planning two major trips for work. Major developments are afoot there, and when he finally returns, we will take a big family camping trip. And, as I write this, it occurs to me that I'm going to be doing a lot of the planning for that trip solo, since he will be away. Boo. But we're traveling with family, to visit family, so there is less at stake. We are going to Ithaca. Lots to do - even in the case of rain. We're staying in great state park, with a beach, a waterfall and a playground, and Ithaca has tons for the enterprising family to do together. We don't even have to worry too much about bringing food with us - THEY HAVE WEGMANS!

And, next week, the kids start daycamp. Three mornings a week, from 9 til 12:30. I'm giddy with glee.


Andrea said…
Sounds like a muggy typical NYC summer, but sounds like you've been making the most of it AND have good plans ahead! Wegmans! Yahooo!!

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