Saturday, 2pm

In case you were wondering.

It's quite nice outside, here in the breeze. I'm sitting, on a new camp chair, just outside my apartment door My feet are propped up on the edge of the garden. I'm drinking a glass of water, and snacking on some Starburst candies I yanked out of one of the kids' goodie bags.

The kids are on their way to Lety's bakery to get gelato with Omi and Grampa John. Dave is sprawled on the sofa inside, with the cats bracketing him.

Life is good.
This morning, I took Claire for her checkup - she weighs 51 pounds and stands 51 1/2 inches tall. Three pounds and three inches gained since a year ago. In case you were wondering, she's the size of the average 8 1/2 year old. She turned six a week ago.

When they get back from the bakery, she and I will go to our last Daisy scout meeting of the year. I'll miss it for the summer, but I won't miss the drama of getting  Claire to the meetings every other week. It seems like it wasn't worth the trouble some times.

I'm enjoying the quiet for now - watching a pigeon, listening to my super wash his car. It's nice. However long it lasts.


Grampa said…
Nice. Peaceful. Good stuff about Clairy-Bear.

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