Home. Away

I'm in Florida.
Not Disney, or anything fancy.
I've come here to watch my Godson graduate high school. I'm staying with my best friend, S and her family, and I've been welcomed in, seamlessly like every other time I've been to see them.

It's 9am, and I am the only one awake right now. The storm has passed (Tropical Storm Andrea threatened to cancel the ceremony entirely. It was originally scheduled for Wednesday evening. Now, it looks like it will go on tonight.)

I'm sitting in the screened-in porch, drinking coffee and listening to the birds. I miss my kids.

Yesterday was devoted to Girl Time and Beauty. We went shopping and had haircuts and mani-pedis. The nail salon was slow, but detailed. I was a puddle by the time we left. I'd also been able to watch "Warm Bodies" from start to finish. Weird, right?
The evening was for family dinner - spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic biscuits.  Then S and I decided to try to see the sunset at the beach. Nope, no go. The tail end of the storm meant it was still raining a bit, and the sky was filled with clouds. Still, it was a pleasant drive over and back. Came back and watched part of Spies of Warsaw.

Today - I don't know what's in store. Some graduation-related errands and a nice lunch, I think. All I know is, S better not get me sunburned. (We have a bad history of that...)


Sue said…
Do comments made in person count? NO SUN FOR YOU! I planned a tropical storm just in case....
Hooray for watching an entire movie without interruptions! Hope you had a great time & the graduation went well. A little time away can be good for the soul. Hope it left you refreshed & recharged.
Andrea said…
Hope you enjoyed and had a great time. :) This sounds like a glorious few kid-free moments, but I can see how you'd miss them!

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