SIX! (Now, someone give me back my baby...)
How can I possibly sum up what the last six years have done to me? Meant for me? How can I tell you how incomplete I was before she came along? Without her, we were just people, and how now we are a family.

Born just before dawn, May 23, 2007, dark brown hair and eyes, chubby cheeks and plump fingers.

Now standing 4 feet tall, with light brown hair and those same chocolate-colored eyes. Elegant, graceful, smart and funny.

Claire Barbara.
You're my favorite girl, ever.

Brand new. 

Two and a few.
Four! (I can't find a picture of her at three...bummer. Also, t
hat kid next to her in the stripes is Ben)

Sakes alive - the girl is five!


Cori Donaghy said…
Happy Birthday to Claire Barbara!! And congratulations to Mom, Dad, Grampa and Nana for surviving the first 6 years!! Here's to many, many more ... happy and healthy!!

Grampa said…
Happy birthday, Claire. Nana and Grampa love you all.

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