A good long time has passed.

Nothing much has happened. I feel strange here. Like watching the world from inside, when I should be out there, experiencing things and letting them pass

Spring has come. The trees are green and there is sweet shade beneath them. The kids are full of boundless energy these days, running, climbing and swinging through the late afternoons. C has mastered the monkey bars, at long last. Ben longs to climb and swing with her, but can't. He's starting to get the hang of pumping his legs on the Big Kid swings.

I have finished the OT I was required to do for my post-surgical finger. It's still a tiny bit tender in a few spots, still scarred, but so much better than it was. I still wonder if it was worth the time it's taking to heal. (I wonder in the abstract, of course. I know it's worth it. Left untreated the growth would have continued and become worse.)

We're making our summer plans - camping, water parks, weekends away. I've signed the kids up for camp for a few weeks.

I'm glad it's warm again, aren't you?


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