Yesterday was one of those rare days. Perfect.

We woke up, made pancakes and headed into the city. Central Park, to be exact. It took a shlep, but fortune smiled on us, and we made it to our destination easily. (We made all of our subway connections AND the Maclaren stroller folded and unfolded when we needed it to.)

Claire, Ben and I were headed for the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater for a performance of Pippi. (As in Pippi Longstocking.) Claire was excited as we were going to be meeting many of her Daisy Scout Troop, I was less so. I don't remember liking Pippi very much. I was the sort of kid who got very nervous around over the top kids. She upset my very ordered mind. AND even worse, I do not like puppets. I mean, Muppets are OK, and hand puppets are acceptable, but marionettes? Ugh. Even thinking about them makes me a little wobbly.

All told, it was a pleasant afternoon of theater. Ben was utterly charming, giggling at all all the right parts. Afterwards, we climbed to the top of Belvedere Castle, and down again, and let the kids play in the Diana Ross playground. We even treated ourselves to hotdogs.


Grampa said…
Nice. Very nice.

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