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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit - Part 3

So, here I am, one week into this recovery. I do my exercises, as prescribed four times a day (whichever kid happens to be around gets a big kick out of counting the reps for me.)

And slowly, things are getting easier. I can feel most of my finger now, in fact the only bit that is numb is where the surgeon cut away the tumor. I've gotten all the sensation back in the rest of my finger, and a good deal of the incision is healed.

I've gotten an amazing lot of range of motion back, and while I'm still tentative with it, there's lots I do without thinking.

However, there are a few raw spots, and the joints of my finger are taking their sweet-ass time in healing. I'm reluctant to put any lotion on the cracked and sore skin. I desperately want to scrub my finger, like it will feel better once there's no longer a purple jagged line running down and across it.

Tomorrow I see the OT for the first time. I'll post more after that visit.

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Andrea B. said...

Ok, I have been a horrible Bloggy friend and am clueless. I hope you are okay and I will go read previous posts.