Sunday, January 13, 2013 - Bits of tid

  • Another Sunday here. The kids are playing, shut in their room. It's quiet enough, although I can vaguely hear the sounds of some sort of situation escalating and wonder how long they're going to last before a parent has to intervene.
  • Dave is playing with his trains. He has set up a complicated route on a table top, of N-Scale trains. It's cool. The kids love watching him and helping. 
  • I'm on the big red couch, legs stretched out in front of me. Maybe before long, a cat will come and keep me company for a stretch.
  • As always, there is laundry going. There are days, I swear, that kid forgets he's potty trained. 
  • Dinner has been decided on - chicken stew and potatoes. I picked up some purple ones at the store the other day. Wonder if they will be too weird for the kids. 
  • Tomorrow we take Ben to see an orthopedist. I'm beyond nervous about it. He's got some sort of low muscle tone in his legs, some sort of unbalance. He complains that his legs get tired easily, and he cannot sit with his legs crossed "criss-cross apple sauce" but will happily bend them into improbable shapes. I was mildly concerned, but my mother-in-law encouraged us to get a professional evaluation for him. Since she's an occcupational therapist, I trust her input. 
  • It's January, and Claire's skin is at its worst - dry and scaly at best, cracked and red at worst. Yet, she adamantly refuses to use any sort of lotion on it unless we remind her, and put it on her, amid her protests. I have four different varieties of hand lotion. You'd think ONE of them would be accceptable. (The least offensive is Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, when I can get her to put it on.)
  • I've been grumpy all day. Cannot seem to shake it. Wish I could.


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