Saturday. January 5, 2013

I'm sitting in a cafe. The sun is surprisingly warm through the window. It's a whole new year, and I am reluctantly writing again. It's hard to keep going over and over again, when nothing really changes.
Ben is sleeping better. Not great. Better.
Claire is enjoying school, testing herself and us at every turn. She makes me proud and frustrated in alternating breaths most of the time.
And so the days pass us by and the great world spins.


Doing My Best said…
It's so nice to see you again =)!
Good luck with the writing. It is a challenging thing to do. I admire people who can write regularly.

Glad Ben is improving. Every little bit helps.

And I love what you said about Claire. Elanor is much the same way. It really amazing how they can make your heart soar & ache at the same moment. *grin*

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