Harder than I thought

I've been trying and trying to find something to say here. So many others have said things far more profound than I could hope to say.

In the wake of the hurricane, in the shadow of unspeakable horror, how I can find my voice?

Yes, we should all hug our loved ones, tell them that we love them, more so today than yesterday, or the day before. But I already do that. What else can I do in a world that makes no sense anymore?

I try to be the best mother I can - to shield them from the world and teach them to be the best people they can be. When will that be enough?

Hug them,  every day.
Kiss them, every day.

Love them. Always


Grampa said…
Years ago, in the midst of my father's dying, I asked a young curate how to pray; what to pray for, knowing my father surely was not going to recover. The answer was just to pray, not to pray for any specific result. Just to hold him up in prayer. This is what to do now. Pray for the victims, yes. and even for the perpetrator. But also just hold the world, your children, your loved ones up to God in prayer.
It is hard to find words. All we can do is treasure those we love.

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