Little Kids, Big Hearts

I've been talking to Claire and Ben a bit about the aftermath of Hurricaine Sandy. How there are lots and lots of people who don't have homes any more, who need things that we can give them.

They helped me pack up the donations I had gathered together. Made sure the diapers and the wipes were packed up, and the jars of peanut butter were ready.

"You know, guys," I said, just hoping I could make the point a little clearer to them, "There are kids who lost everything. They don't have coats or warm clothes, or food, or toys." 

I honestly said it so that they might understand a little of how vast and terrible these things are.

"No toys?" said Ben.

"No snuggle friends," said Claire, her face filling with tears.

"What do you think we could do about that?" I said.

"We have lots and lots of snuggle friends." said Claire and Ben nodded, blond curls falling into his eyes.

They got up, and pulled apart their toybox. After a bit of a spirited discussion, they chose six snuggle friends to send off to the kids in the Rockaways.

Man, I am a lucky, lucky mama.


That is so wonderful. I am glad that your kids inherited and/or learned from your giving spirit.
Grampa said…
Let me stop crying first. : )
Anonymous said…
awwww so sweet!

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