11:29 Saturday

I'm sitting up in bed, listening to Ben cry. After months and months of helping him through the rough nights of screaming, we decided, at the advice of our pediatrician that it was time to sleep train.

I won't lie, its awful, we went through something similar with Claire, but I know its the best solution.

And in the length of time it took to type this out, he has settled down.


Grampa said…
Well then, there's your answer: post something every night, and he'll fall asleep. Must be the rhythmic sound of those typewriter keys.
Doing My Best said…
That is so hard =(! I had to do sleep training with ALL of mine; not ONE of them figred out how to stay asleep on their own =(. I hope it goes quickly for you both!
Ouch. Sorry to hear you have to do it again.

We soooo need to do it with the Little Guy but haven't. *sigh* And Elanor is awaking again during the night. Not fun.
Anonymous said…
best of luck! I think I have to start doing this too with Z.

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