Over. It.

Something about the last few weeks has been dragging me down. I can't quite put a finger on it, try as much as I can.

It's everything, and nothing.
It's summertime, and the heat dragging me down. Low pressure systems (so common in the summer heat) seem to lead to major migraine problems.

It's weeks months of Ben not sleeping. Listening to my boy scream each and every night, listening to Dave try to calm him back to sleep.

It's struggling with deadlines, mine and family.

It's watching Claire, waiting to start kindergarten, suddenly so grown up, and yet still clinging to us. Hugging her Fluffy Puppy, gazing into an unknown future. I know she's scared, but I am so, very hopeful for her.

It's watching my own dreams start to take flight again.

It's all of these.
And I am over it. I want to feel well, I want to enjoy the summer days, as they drift towards fall, to crisp days and apples and pumpkins. To clean air and bright skies.


I hope the feeling passes.

Lack of sleep always permeates everything. I know when the kids aren't sleeping well, I don't. So I can't begin to know how it feels with Ben. That has to be terrible to hear night after night.

I hope you can enjoy the end of the summer. Indeed, fall will be here all too soon again. It is amazing how quickly time flies by.

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