I went to Blogher12 and all I got was...

BlogHer 2010 swag
BlogHer 2010 swag (Photo credit: jen_rab)

Well...that was a thing.
After talking about it for a few years (since the last time it was in NYC,) I went to BlogHer's annual conference this year.

I just *went.*

I don't know many bloggers, and the ones that I'd really consider friends aren't really nearby or were travelling to the conference this year.

But I packed up my new business cards and took the subway a grand total of four stops and there I was. Surrounded by thousands of other bloggers. Some famous faces, some regular joes like me. It was amazing, and overwhelming and humbling all at the same time. I focused on the sessions geared towards small bloggers, trying to feel proud of this space despite seeing writers with thousands of followers in the same space where I was. I made small talk, handed out cards and perused the Expo hall. I walked away with a lot of stuff. (also, a migraine that lasted until Sunday afternoon. Big crowded space and I don't get along so well.)

But at the end of it, I feel a little better about my little blog here. It's just my corner, my soapbox.

This is also my first post using Zemanta, who I met in that Expo hall. Lovely ladies, and hopefully something useful for the blog.
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Anonymous said…
dang look at all that loot! next time count me in... we'll be partners in crime..

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