Summer camp started for the kids this week.
Claire is having the most fun I've ever seen her have. She's learning to swim, spending time with all her best friends. Best. Summer. Ever.

Ben, on the other hand, is learning to go to school for the first time. It's hard on both of us, and I'm not sure which one is having the harder time of it.

He went on Tuesday, and was a little nervous, but was fine when I left and fine when I picked him up. His teachers said that he got upset when the class transitioned from one activity to another. They had music class, did an art project and played in kiddie pools. They ended the day with lunch, and the morning was over.

Last night over dinner we were talking about the rest of the summer, and Claire was talking a blue streak about how excited she was for her time at camp.

"But I don't want to go back. I want to stay with you." he sobbed. If we could, we distracted him with games and fun, but when he was alone, he came back and cried and cried.

This morning, when we talked about camp, he was even more upset. If we could distract him, he was fine. He was OK walking there, OK while we left Claire with her group. But he nearly dragged me out the door when we got to his room. I left him there, screaming, held by his teacher while I slipped out, trying to hide my own tears.

Now, I've been at this for a while. Claire hated camp when she started., I know,  yes, I do know that in time he will love school just as much as she does now. But it breaks my mama heart down the middle to leave my baby so sad, in someone else's arms.


Grampa said…
I guess every generation...doesn't make it easier though. Probably won't cry when you drop him off in Harvard Yard in 15 years or so.
I had been having computer issues & sales conference. So I fear I am backlogged on blogs.

I have so much sympathy for you. I know that will be the Little Guy when it is his turn for camp. *shudders*

I hope he had gotten much better about camp. *hugs* It is so hard leaving them there. I know Eldest Munchkin adore camp, yet it was hard on me leaving her there...

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