Summer Bucket List

As we're already (what? already - the girl's been on Summer break for three whole excruciating days...) in the middle of summer up in this piece, I am hereby putting together our summer bucket list:

  • Go strawberry picking - probably already missed this one this year. will reschedule as apple and pumpkin picking for the fall
  • Go to Bear Mountain for a picnic and kiddie hiking
  • Visit the NY Aquarium and have lunch at Nathans. Ride some stuff at Coney Island. (I have never been on the Cyclone.)
  • Speaking of rides - go to Rye Playland
  • Family Night at the Bronx Zoo
  • Take a day trip to Greenpoint LI (Has a carousel, a maritime museum, a RAILROAD museum cute LI stuff and a harbor with boats.)
  • Family camping. Explore a new campsite. 
  • Visit LI Children's Museum (even if the Husband doesn't like it. )
  • Visit Brooklyn Children's Museum
  • Take Claire to see "Brave"
  • Walk across Brooklyn Bridge
  • Go see Antique Firetruck show in Middletown.


Sarah said…
Great list :) Strawberry picking, mmmm.
Grampa said…
Strawberries are yet to come at Grampa's Farm. (Can we meet youse in Greenport?)

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