Morning Has Broken

The thing of it is - it rarely lasts, those angry days.

The sun comes up. The breeze is warm on my face. I have friends, I have family, and I am very loved.

This was one of those weeks - where the sheer loveliness of it all scrubbed the cobwebs away from the dank corners of my mind.

Cases in point:
  • Taking Ben to splash in the sprinklers at the park, and watching him show off his "NAKED TUM!!!" to his friends with enough joy to power a small city.
  • Meeting a friend for shopping and dimsum in Flushing. (Never underestimate the power of a cheap t-shirt or three and cute earrings  from Target.)
  • Meeting another friend for margaritas and chips to talk about blogging, and have another friend see you through the window and come join you. 
I am a lucky, lucky lady.

Spending time in an urban oasis helps too. Also, this whole look from Claire made me smile all day. Right down to the cocked hip...


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