Pay It Forward

Last week I had the opportunity to do a truly random act of kindness.

We were given a bottle of Prosecco in a welcome basket for the wedding we attended. Since we had plenty of other opportunities to drink while on the cruise, Dave and I ended up packing the bottle in our suitcase to bring home.

Except that the suitcase was pretty heavy and we were afraid we'd be close to the weight limit. (We're cheap like that.) So, I took the bottle to the reception desk at the Hyatt Hotel in the Orlando International Airport. We were squatting there for the hours from when our bus from port arrived to when we needed to be in the airport prior to our flight.

I explained to the woman behind the desk our situation, and donated the bottle to a random couple spending the night at the hotel en route to their honeymoon this weekend.

I wonder who drank it?


Doing My Best said…
What a sweet idea =)!

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