Breaking Bad

It's April and that can only mean spring break around here.

We haven't DONE anything. Gone to the park, gone to the other park. (The fact that my children and I have opposing theories on which park is better is nothing short of funny to me.) Had a playdate or two. Visited family. Argued.

You know, the typical stuff for a family stuck at home, for the most part.

I also took care of some rite-of-passage type medical appointments. Yay for turning 40! And I got a much-needed haircut. I am growing out a bad couple of cuts. The old stylist and I had different ideas of what constituted a bob. I thought "Kate Holmes." She did not. I tried out a wicked cheap (even by NYC standards $22? Whut?) salon down the street. Seems to be OK. I mean, I had it done this morning, but I don't hate it, or the stylist.

Tomorrow, the kids get their haircuts, which includes Ben's first haircut!


Congrats on doing the medical stuff. That is always the most annoying part. (Which reminds me, I need to schedule a bunch of things myself!)

$22 for a haircut is amazing. I have been going to the Aveda school around the corner from work when I bothered with my hair. But it takes *forever*.

Good luck with Ben's first haircut. Will's is just getting a bit curly in the back and DH is threatening clippers! *groan*

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