Rock and a Hard Place

The girl has become so stubborn lately, she makes me want to cry.

From the moment she wakes in the morning, she is crying for things to be other than they are. She doesn't want to get dressed, eat  breakfast, walk to school, go to school, walk on this side of the street OR THAT SIDE EITHER. Doesn't want to use the bathroom, even though it's obvious that she should.

She wants to do something special. But NOT THAT THING, HO-NO, that's not special enough.
She wants to play with a friend, but once the friend comes, doesn't want to participate and would rather sit in the corner, morosely reading books.

When bedtime comes, she is suddenly too tired to get ready for bed, brush teeth, use the bathroom. She doesn't know which story to pick, but is incensed that you might choose one of her favorites for her. She's not sleepy anymore, but she doesn't want to sit quietly and look at books until she is sleepy.

She's a 46 pound ball of contrariness, and I love her to death. But some days, I just don't like her all that much.


Liza said…
Does she want to reunite with her long lost twin over at my house? Same scenarios over here. You're so right: there is a difference between loving and liking!
Liza said…
Same scenarios at our house. I feel the pain! And you are so right! There is a difference between loving and liking.

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