Snowy Saturday

We finally had some snow around here. (We had a freaky blizzard back around Halloween, but nothing since.) This morning brought several inches. So, we ate pancakes, played in the snow, and took the kids bowling with some friends.

heading out to play

Bowling shoes
Waiting for the ball return

"I knock them down!"
Those rosy cheeks!


Doing My Best said…
What beautiful kids you have =)! And that sounds like a great day! It's so nice to have one of those every now and then to break up the hiding-in-my-locked-bedroom-with-chocolate-so-that-we-all-survive-until-Daddy-comes-home days ;-).
So adorable. It is wonderful you went out and did things in the snow. I love the dragon shoot! I think we need to try bowling there sometime. Too cool.
Grampa said…
Must have missed this. Great pictures, but hey! Great kids!!

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