Campfire Days III - (part one)

We've been back to the park again.

Finally, we're starting to get into the groove of preparation and then relaxing. It's hard though, to figure out what parts of your home must needs come with you. Sleeping gear, cooking gear. Creature comforts? Toys for the kids. In the end, we have learned that getting prepared well in advance will make the difference between calmly getting out of the house and frantically running around, forgetting key items like paper towels, marshmallows and coffee. (Although to our credit we did remember Fluffy Puppy and Baby...)

We returned to our first campsite. It was almost like coming home. Since we were there last, the table had be shifted, but knowing ahead of time where to pitch the tent was oddly comforting.

We pitched our tent, got our lunch ready and started to unwind. By unspoken agreement, we turn our phones off, except to coordinate meeting up with family. Dave's sister and her family came to spend some time, and the kids ran around like wee savages. By the time they left, and we had dinner, night was falling. We got ready for bed, and sang the kids off to sleep.

Then. Dave and I added wood to the fire and sat, quietly, as the moonlight shone through the trees.


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