Campfire Days - Part One

Ever since the success of the backyard campout, Dave was eagerly planning a real camping trip. Tents, sleeping pads, kid-sized sleeping bags, a stove, special dishes, bug spray. If he thought we might need it, he mulled it over and bought it anyway (or at least that's what it seemed like.)

Finally we were ready. We picked a state park, and then the forecast changed.
So, we ended up postponing the camping, and left the gear at home. We spent a lovely afternoon having a picnic, hiking and laughing at a chipmunk before heading home. Claire had a blast - she was eagerly looking for the trail markers and stomping around the trail like a tiny little explorer.

Ben was another story entirely. When out of his routine, and comfort zone, he is a miserable little wretch of a human being. Whiny, weepy and miserable. He didn't want to walk, nor did he want to be carried in the backpack. He didn't want to ride on Dave's shoulders either.

Undaunted by the little man's griping, we came home and started planning our next outing, an overnight. We were nearly flummoxed by Hurricane Irene. Luckily the park wasn't too damaged by the storm, or the flooding. The power was out, but we had flashlights.

So off we went. (and that is where this comes to an end. More later)


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