Days in the Life

This was a pretty tame week in the Painless household. Claire's camp finished up, with an adorable end-of-session show by her class.

Ben's been pretty adorable, for almost-two. I still can't believe my smushy little baby is a toddler. Still can't wrap my brain fully around the boy he has started to become.

This weekend was nice. Dave's been getting home from work earlier - so we had a nice Friday dinner, got the kids to bed.

Saturday, you might have heard, we were expecting a hurricane. Irene.
We were also invited to an engagement party - for one of my oldest friends, and her fiance. We went out to the party in the rain. Had a great time (although Ben didn't want to eat ANYTHING but cupcakes and pretzels)  and came home as the heavy rains started to fall. The roads were empty and we got everyone settled in. We watched a bad movie and went to bed ourselves.

This morning, it was still blowing and rainy, so we've been stuck inside. Ben and I both have the dregs of a summer cold, making us both crabby. Dave stayed up too late last night, then got up with the kids this morning.

So, here we are - the menfolk and sleeping, the ladies are relaxing in the living room.


I hope the cold passes soon. Otherwise it sounds like a good weekend.

Isn't it astounding how fast they grow? I love that Elanor is a toddler. It is challenging sometimes, but she is an amazing kid. I hope she remains the curious, clever creature she is now. And nearly fearless. Though she does get so shy when around new people.

I am so curious how Will will develop. There is no way to tell while they are babies.
Grampa said…
Nice. Peaceful and nice.
Grampa said…
Nice. peaceful and nice.

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