Wherein I watch someone else's kids for a while

There it was, Friday night in America and I was sitting on a sofa, watching a movie and listening for the sound of children crying. No, I'm not revisiting my summer job babysitting Willie and Bubba (yes, they were named Willie and Bubba; and yes I am from NY.)

My friend A, and I are starting some cooperative babysitting. Since it was her husband's birthday they enjoyed a night out with friends. Once Dave and I decide, she will come and sit in our living room while we go out for an evening.

It was an easy night, for the most part. The baby woke up thirst and seemed confused that I was there, but drank her water and settled down soon enough.

I was stuck without my phone (I'd forgotten to charge it) and without my laptop, since I didn't have their WiFi password. I used theirs a bit, but couldn't remember my passwords. But I watched a favorite movie (Strictly Ballroom) and ordered some dinner for myself via Grubhub and ended up enjoying the peace and quiet of someone else's house.

I hope my friend has a similar experience when she watches Ben and Claire for us.  


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