Night Mother

During the day, I am a pretty good mom. I take the kids to the park, to music classes, feed them interesting snacks. I give hugs and kisses, wipe tears and bottoms as needed.

Hell, let's face it, I sorta rock!

But, I must confess, once the sun goes down, and the wee ones are tucked into bed, I sort of fall to pieces. One of them cries in the dark and I freeze. What should I do - do we let her cry? Should we get the ibuprophen for the boy? What does she need? What does he want?

When he wakes up crying, and I'm the parent to go in and soothe him, I lie there, shushing him, brushing his sort curls against my cheek and count the minutes. Count the moments until I can return to my bed, and my sleep.


You are an uber mom! You should definitely be proud of yourself.

It is hard at night. I soooo miss sleep. It is hard to know if they need something during the night or not. I *hate* that part.

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