Shopping with Kids

Shopping with kids is, to me, one of the most dreaded experiences going.

Today, the three of us headed to the local grocery store to pick up a few things. We've mostly converted to an online grocery delivery service, but I needed things for today.

So off we went, Claire and I were on foot and Ben was strapped into the stroller. Claire was good, walking to the store, holding on when we crossed the streets and neither dawdling or racing off. There was a small debate about whether she needed something on her head, but I prevailed.

But, once we got into the store (the Trade Fair, which is smaller and more cramped than the Met Foods that is catty-corner. It's also cheaper.) Claire was all over the place, turning into aisles, knocking into people, whining about things she wanted, no, she needed. Dora popcicles? I think not. I spent most of my breath telling her where she needed to be, to stop touching and pay attention to her surroundings.

Then there was Mr. Grabby - leaning out of the stroller to clutch at the packages on the shelves, to try to reach something, anything. In the time it took us to check out, with six items, he managed to grab a package of snack cakes and knock over a display case of chocolate bars.

Now, none of this was awful - yes, frustrating, and yes, tiring to have to repeat myself ad nauseum. But no one was hurt, I didn't have to yell in public.

Then why did the three women working the checkout (two checkers and a bagger) have to tell me three times (EACH!) that the baby had done something...wasn't one enough? Did you think I was going to let him take the cake? That I'd allow the chocolates to stay on the floor? Did they notice that he managed to knock over the chocolates WHILE I WAS TRYING TO GET THE SNACK CAKE AWAY FROM HIM WITH OUT SMUSHING IT?

I have to admit, I prefer Met Food - it's a tiny bit larger, so you feel a bit less like the shelves are closing in on you, and there is room to turn around in there. But I was trying to get home quickly, since we were all underdressed.


I am so sorry to hear of the drama. I am lucky that Paul does the shopping during the day. And now I am all the more appreciative!
Grampa said…
LOL. The apple, as they say, doesn't fall far. But wait: no cigars?
Thanks for the laugh. I love you all.
lisa said…
I feel for you. People need to be a little more patient with kids and parents.
I never shop at the chain markets any more for this reason - they don't stop to think that I don't think the grocery store is a playground, I am just like them - trying to get through the experience with the least amount of drama and damage.

Thank goodness for the Internet where we can shop at home and have everything come to our doorstep. Now if I could just have the deliveries NOT come during my daughter's nap time (the dogs love barking at the UPS man), life would be complete!

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